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Our Vision

To be recognized as “Resource Management Consultant With A Strong Vision” in our chosen market segments and to establish itself as a Consultant and Service Provider of repute. We shall Inspire Excellence in all that we undertake. We shall gain the trust of both our Valued Clients and the job seekers with strong Business Ethics.

  • Inspire Excellence
  • Focus on Excellence
  • Operational Excellence
  • Exceed Customer Expectation


  • Strong Emphasis On Quality
  • Regular Training
  • Innovation
  • Focus On Ontime Delivery
  • Be Dynamic To Change

Keeping Instep With The Future

We at SSM believe that to be a consultant to our clients and to add value to Our clients businesses we must keep ourselves abreast with what is happening in the world around us. We must also keep our team trained in all such aspects which will affect our operations, we therefore organize training for our own people at regular intervals.

Building for tomorrow calls for forward-looking talent

A fragile global economy, rising prices and diminishing natural resources mean the sector is not yet out of the woods. While a trend towards globalization requires smart strategic thinking, social change and technical advances are opening major long-term opportunities. From smart materials and better insulation to tools integrating the entire building process, to seize your chance will require experts with the experience and ability to drive multidisciplinary projects in times of change, we aim to keep track and keep abreast of all such happenings in the economy with special reference to the Indian Economy.

Our network knows no borders, our experts know no barriers

In an increasingly transnational sector, our global network means we’re always nearby. Our specialists can oversee your project at every stage from concept to planning, documentation to construction. Architects and engineers, technicians and project managers with strong technical skills and knowhow in key tools backed by sector-savvy account managers who can deliver individual talent or project-based solutions that give you the flexibility to accept new assignments. SSM would always remain in step with our clients needs.

Employment solutions that work

We offer practical employment solutions that work. For everything from staffing small workload increases to outsourcing entire projects, we can do that with an exclusive team set up for the project.

Looking for a new challenge?

Whether you’re looking for a promotion, a career change or a rewarding new project, we offer a range of interesting job opportunities with strong career prospects to all our candidates.