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Dinesh Sutar, Director

Dinesh, who shall relinquish his business responsibilities more than 10 years as head of SS Management Solutions . He will continue to guide and support and be a Consultant and Business Advisor to SSM.

Many small firms struggle to achieve significant growth, staying pretty much as they were when the business started. Others move from small time to the big league, often very rapidly. “Businesses of all types in every sector are capable of significant growth. The constraining factor isn’t the business model – it’s the ambition and capability of the person heading it.

Dinesh is one such professional who comes with great ambition and capability to take SSM to the big league. A very versatile and very experienced staffing consultant at the highest levels of positions. Being herself strong in both IT and Non IT positions, he will ensure that the team under her will handle each and every one of our valued clients.

Santosh Sutar, Associate Director

Santosh has completed Engineering Diploma from Board ofTECHNICAL EDUCATION . he has near about ten years engineering background. He has good experience specializing in industry/Organizational analysis, Training & development, Project recruitment in the Manufacturing industry. he has hands on experience in End to End Recruitment cycle.